The Roomies

Alejandro Juarez

Age: 21
Career: Software programmer for SimcroSoft.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship with Ellen Dahl
Bio: His childhood was rough. He was in and out of foster homes, and constantly bullied because of his sexuality. His only solace was computers, which later became his passion. As much as he loves video games, he enjoys programming and creating things. Because of his successful apps, he was granted a position at SimcroSoft straight out of college. It doesn’t pay much, but he loves it!
Relationship History: He and Ellen were best friends growing up, back before Ellen transitioned. They dated in high school, and was a little unsure about their relationship when Ellen did transition into female but was supportive. Their relationship is still going strong, and he plans on proposing in the near future.

Lan Bùi

Age: 23
Career: Yoga instructor and natural health adviser.
Relationship Status: Has a crush on Lillian, but dating Paulie Wood.
Bio: Ever since she was a young child, she had been interested in yoga and natural medicine. She claims it started with her grandmother, but she’s not quite sure where her passion came from. She has an older brother, but hasn’t spoken to him since he joined the Children of the Black Sun saying she didn’t want to associate with criminals and thugs.
Relationship History: She’s the newest of the five to move into the apartment, and that’s when her crush on Lillian started. She knew it was a lost cause since Lily was still hung up on her ex, so she’s taken to casual dating. Though she has committed to their neighbor Paulie Wood.

Korrin Whitney

Age: 22
Career: Journalist
Relationship Status: Has the hots for Weston Dahl (Lillian and Ellen’s older brother) but won’t date him.
Bio: Her father was a major in the military before he retired. Growing up, going from base to base resulted in her meeting future connections for her career. She was always a sleuth and wanted to be a detective, like Nancy Drew. When she entered high school, she was more interested in gossip and exposing the truth…making her dreams of being a detective morph into a desire for journalism. “None of that clickbait shit. If the story can’t grab attention just by the topic alone, it’s not worth being a story.”
Relationship History: She was a hardworking student and didn’t make time for relationships. Although! She always carried a torch for the oldest of the Dahl children, Weston. But his reputation as a “serial romantic” pushed her away from pursuing him. Now she’s focusing on work.